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rent a 4 wheel drive

well i just wrote all about today and accidentally closed the window. woops

but today was simultaneously one of the most hilarious and one of the most stressful days ever.

and i love traveling and i love costa rica and i love my girls but i'd just like to say now: i miss my fucking boyfriend.

ok. that said. i'll go on with today

so, the girls made me get up at 6:45 but i'd only had 3 hours of sleep so i was pretty damn grouchy. in fact i think when amy asked me if i'd get a refill for her on her coffee when i got up to get mine, i automatically said "no" but then immediately recanted and got her her coffee. but my first response? my grumpy gut response? was: "no. get it yourself. don't ask anything of me til i'm more caffeinated"

but i caught myself within 5 seconds, i think.

but amy thought it was pretty hysterical.

"did you just say no?" "uh. no. of course not"

uh huh

anyway. so. early start on the day. on the road by 9. i drove because i like driving in costa rica. i feel free driving through the humid lushness or so i thought

well we were leaving quepos. the hottest most humid beach side town ever. and heading for monteverde. the mountain top cloud forest little town

and we had a nice little route all mapped out on the map. the road on the map was a thick red, which meant main highway

but on the way, i saw a white sign and it said monteverde and st elena that way. so i said i guess i should go that way and go that way i did

and all was fine and dandy for about 1/2 hour or 45 minutes

then the road turned to dirt ..but it was a nice smooth dirt. at first

then. the dirt road became ain't-no-way-dirt-comes-even-close-to-summing-it-up

it was a pock marked, pot holed, boulder ridden, rock laden road on which i had to drive approx 10 km an hour.

after five minutes i voiced what we'd all been thinking "are we going the right way?" "uh, is this for real? wher eare we. DONDE ESTA US?" then we started laughing. and we couldn't stop. because the signs had all pointed us right, but this road was ridiculous and we saw a sign that said monteverde 27 km.

and yea. that road took us 3 hours

and i scraped bottom and i almost cried laughing and a horse got in our way and i swore it was never ever going to end

and when i finally got to st elena i said to the store man "does it get paved soon?" and he just laughed and said simply "no"

oh, i left out an important detail

we did *not* . i repeat *not* . rent a 4 - wheel drive

and it's cooler up here and i'm actually wearing a thin sweater. and it's lush and green and remniscent of the pacific northwest

and there are lots of cats. and we keep laughing hysterically for no reason and i think that road did a weird psychological number on us

and when i got here i parked and suddenly i became giddy and i realized how stressed i'd been and i ate all of my lunch and half of karen's and half of amy's. i was starving and shakey and all i wanted to do was 1) take my first hot shower in a week. and 2) call my damn boyfriend

so i did both

and i feel much better

and this internet cafe is like a little stone cave

and tomorrow we're doing a canopy tour and a butterfly garden and an orchid garden and the sky walk in the tops of the trees (suspension bridges)

and the next day we'll explore on our own

and wednesday we leave for volcan arenal, the only live volcano in costa rica. we will sit on hot springs and watch red lava flow down the mountain side. and explosions in the night

so, hello from costa rica. the roads are crazy. RENT A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE.

oh and karen is wearing the most awesomely hideous velour orange pant suit that she bought in san jose. and it is a little small and you can see her butt floss and it's adding to the hilarity.



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