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our new girl band

so amy bought a guitar.

ensuing IM conversations.

me: hello?
amy: omg, would you be in my girl band
amy: ?
me: yesh
amy: cool
me: what would i play though :/
amy: what do you want to play?

i finally decide to play the trumpet and the kazoo. .although i want to play accordion. but i don't know accordion yet.

amy: ken can play bass, he's an honorary girl

me: we're starting a girl band. want to join? i'm going to play trumpet and kazoo
karen: Sure! I'll make peanut butter sandwiches!
me: how do peanut butter sandwisches sound?
me: we're putting you on the fish
me: you play it with a comb
me: and it goes "whirrr ruh ruh" 'whirrr ruh ruh"
karen: Oh, ok! sandwiches are for throwing to our adoring fans for snacks, silly.
me: will you make them on stage?
me: our fans will be hungry fans. perpetually
karen: oh sure! making them on stage will be part of the show.
me: awesome. you'll have to get a little electric knife that makes a brrrr brr. sound when it cuts the crusts off. we'll amplify it.

switch conversation:

amy: omg i figured out our name
amy: ken and the barbies!!
me: what??
amy: ahahahaha
me: haha
amy: ken: I think I might be leaving the band due to artistic differences

ken decides he'll leave the band if we name if Ken and the Barbies...

cathryn: kenless barbies?
cathryn: the name still works

me: ok fine we'll be The Kenless Barbies
ken: the advantage of that is that when people say "but you have a ken" you can say "not if we call ourselves 'Ken and the Barbies'"

amy: google sez: Your search - "kenless barbies" - did not match any documents.

karen: Hey, I'm not going to be an anything-less Barbie! Barb's got IT ALL.
karen: Or nother.
karen: nothing
karen: .
karen: actually, she's got nothing
karen: not even a camel toe

me: let's all learn accordions. we'll be a band of accordions
me: nothing but accordion. like 10 of em
me: oh and your guitar
me: since it started all this
amy: :D

me: we're in giggles over here
karen: why for?
me: in a sec
me: we were talking about everybody in the band working for 'insert where we work' except for you. so when we tour it would be a problem. you'd be alone on stage.
me: "karen quigg, solo and unplugged"
me: "except she wouldn't be unplugged. she'd have an electric knife"
me: 'karen quigg solo and unplugged making peanut butter jelly sandiwches. "i have a butter knife!"'
me: amy wants to stand on front of the stage yelling "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK"
karen: What about, "Pussy la Quigg, solo and plugged"?
karen: 'cause the electric knife was really working for me.
me: ken will teach you to play the jaw harp
me: we'll have mp3's on a website
me: people will say "wow, i really love your music. where can we see you play?"
me: "uh. well. that isn't really realistic. our company would fall apart if we went on tour. but if you come to san francisco we'll be jamming in heather's living room tomorrow!"
karen: let's do it!

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